About Ivy Infusions

Sasha Beatty, APRN is a trained, board certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. Her over 10 year nursing career has afforded her the pleasure to work with many people and impact lives daily. She worked in Cardiac Telemetry for 7 years, Labor and Delivery over 6 years and currently practices as a Nurse Practitioner in Pain Management.


The rigorous study of family practice at Pace University and years of clinical experience has led her to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of various medical conditions and diseases, ranging from pain, fatigue, depression, and cardiac illness. She has worked with all age groups from pediatrics to geriatrics. Her main goal has been to return patients to their active lives.


Sasha is a well-traveled professional, with a passion for helping others, music and spontaneous adventures. She understands the demands and challenges of a contemporary lifestyle with long required hours, frequent travel and at times a demanding nightlife. She is grateful for the ability to bring to the public, treatments that can greatly improve quality of life, recovery and function.


Sasha Beatty, APRN-BC is the CEO and founder of IVY. She is a member of The American Association of Nurse Practitioners and has received several awards and recognition for her contributions to patient care.

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We live in such a fast-paced society and we all want balance in our lives. Demanding jobs, traveling, late nights put a strain on our mind and bodies. We are left feeling worn down, worn out and imbalanced. Intravenous therapies, previously used by only athletes and celebrities, are now available to everyone. Ivy Infusions will revive your nutrient levels, hydrate your body, improve performance, strengthen your immune system, enhance dull and tired skin, decrease depression and anxiety, bolster energy or simply cure a hangover. The benefits and efficacy are undeniable.


Refuel your body with exactly what it needs and has been lacking. In less than 45 minutes you will be a NEW YOU again.

Our Dedicated Employees


Tara Fischetti

RN, HR Administrator

Tara is a Labor & Delivery nurse for over 7 years. Prior to healthcare, Tara worked in Human Resources. Listening to what people are feeling, connecting with them, and assessing their current situation is what she loves most about her career. In her spare time Tara enjoys traveling, seeing live music, spending time at the beach, and enjoying time with family and friends.


Precious Ballard

RN, Public Relations

Precious has been a nurse for 4.5 years with experience in medical surgery and psychology. She is currently completing her MSN in leadership and management. Precious is extremely outgoing and passionate about helping and educating others. She enjoys learning new ways to enhance personal growth and wellness.


Nicole Atkins

Office Manager

Nicole has 10 years in healthcare administration. She has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the practice including medical billing, medical assisting, patient services, and managing schedules. Nicole enjoys traveling, yoga, meditation, and all genres of music.

Why Infuse?

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Infusion of specific vitamins and nutrients combined with electrolyte hydration swiftly balance and replenish depleted nutrient levels, so the body can continuously perform at its peak. I.V. administration is superior to oral supplements in remedying nutritional deficiencies as it bypasses the digestive system and are quickly absorbed by the blood stream.


IV therapy treats dehydration, hangovers, cold and flu symptoms, detoxification, weight loss, mental clarity and anti-aging with NAD. Our customized infusions and boosters are full of vitamins, fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants.

Time to Recharge!

Feeling sluggish, sick, hungover, need a detox, tired of dull skin, diminished sex drive, or just an energy boost? We offer 12 customized drips to meet your health needs.


Visit our website to schedule your infusion online and then select a treatment targeted to your body’s needs.

Relax & Restore

A licensed registered nurse or nurse practitioner will painlessly administer your treatment within 45 minutes or less. Feel recharged and renewed immediately!

Need Help?

A licensed practitioner can help you choose from one of our various pre-formulated therapeutic infusions to optimize specific wellness needs or customize your own.

All vitamins are manufactured in the US and independently tested.