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Can IV Therapy Help You Lose Weight?

Can IV Therapy Help You Lose Weight?

Many of us have a few pounds we need to lose, while others have quite a bit more. If you’re struggling with losing weight, it’s not only frustrating, but downright depressing at times. Though diet and exercise are a step in the right direction, sometimes you need a little something else to help you shed the pounds. IV therapy might be just the treatment you need.

Our team at IV Infusions wants to help you lose weight for good, with a number of different treatments. Sasha Beatty, who is our trained nurse practitioner, specializes in a number of different weight loss therapies, including IV therapy and vitamin infusion therapy. These can be the boost you need to get to your weight loss goals.

Understanding IV therapy

IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a relatively new health and wellness trend that’s gaining popularity for its success. There are many different types of IV therapy to help you with just about anything from weight loss to boosting your immunity.

IV therapy works by one of our team inserting a needle with a hollow tube, or catheter,  attached into your arm. The needle goes directly into one of your veins, and the catheter is then advanced and the needle is removed. The catheter is secured in place and hooked up to a bag of fluids that contain a number of different vitamins and nutrients.

The purpose of IV therapy depends on what you want to achieve with your health. For example, Sasha Beatty offers IV vitamin infusions and several different types of IV infusion therapy options, that include:

When meeting with Sasha Beatty, you want to discuss what you’re looking for as far as your health and wellness. If you want to shed some excess weight, she has the IV therapy mixture to help you succeed. 

Does it really help with weight loss?

The truth is, the key to weight loss is changing your diet for the better and getting enough exercise. That said, there are ways to help enhance your success, including IV therapy. Although there’s no substitute for eating healthy and expending energy, IV therapy has the ability to enhance your body’s ability to burn fat.

So how is this possible? As you get older, it gets more difficult for you to lose weight because your metabolism naturally slows down. When your metabolism slows, your body doesn’t burn fat and calories as quickly, which sometimes leads to excess weight.

With an IV infusion for weight loss, your body gets a ton of different vitamins and nutrients that benefit you in a number of ways, including:

Sleep and stress also play a huge role in your weight, which is why an IV infusion that’s specially formulated to help in these areas can give you the boost you need to lose weight.

IV therapy on its own isn’t the magical key to quick weight loss. If this were the case, we would all be skinny, right? The key to your success is adding in an IV infusion along with an exercise routine and a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

At IVY Infusions, our team helps you reach all of your weight loss goals with a number of different therapies, including IV weight loss therapy. Along with a healthy lifestyle, this treatment helps you lose weight faster and more efficiently, while also keeping your body in tip-top shape.

If you’re interested in learning more about IV therapy and how it can help you, call our office in Greenwich, Connecticut at 203-397-6865, or book an appointment online today.

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