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The Many Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Getting enough oxygen isn’t something you probably think about on a normal basis—but maybe you should. The amount of oxygen in the air is only 21%, which isn’t that much to begin with. But when you throw in certain medical conditions, it’s even less. Oxygen is an important nutrient that your body and mind need to thrive. This is where oxygen therapy can help.

At IVY Infusions, our goal is to get you the extra nutrients your body needs to function at full capacity. Sasha Beatty is our certified nurse practitioner who offers many different types of therapy to help you feel your best. Oxygen therapy is one of those treatments that offers many benefits to you and your body.

How does oxygen therapy work?

Oxygen is extremely important to your body. Without oxygen, the whole world wouldn’t exist, so it’s no wonder why we need it. Although oxygen is freely available in the air you breathe, certain medical problems or breathing conditions may limit your ability to get enough of it. This is where oxygen therapy helps out. 

This type of therapy is actually pretty simple—all you do is sit and relax, while you breathe in concentrated amounts of pure quality oxygen. Ms. Beatty hooks you up to the oxygen via a nasal cannula, which is a soft, plastic tube with air prongs that fits in your nose.

Once you’re hooked up to the nasal cannula, all you need to do is sit back and relax. You don’t need to take deep breaths or breathe a special way. Breathing normally gets you all the benefits you need.

The benefits of oxygen therapy

As you can imagine, oxygen helps all of your body systems work correctly. So adding extra to your system can only help, right? Extra oxygen in your body can help you tremendously, and there are quite a few benefits, including:

If you suffer from conditions such as chronic headache or migraines, oxygen therapy also helps to decrease the amount of episodes you experience.

If you’re receiving oxygen therapy to help with lung conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it may help you better absorb the oxygen into your body. It may also  significantly improve your quality of life, along with decreasing irritability and other conditions related to stress.

Oxygen is a necessary component for fires, but at IVY Infusions, we take all the proper precautions to prevent any adverse effects from our oxygen therapy.

Reaping the rewards

So when do you experience these benefits after receiving oxygen therapy? You might notice a difference right away, especially in your mood. Many times, the sense of relaxation helps significantly reduce stress and anxiety within the first few hours of treatment. 

You may notice a boost in your energy levels over the next few days, as well as fewer headaches because of the reduction in stress. However, the benefits only last so long after a treatment, so follow-up treatments are necessary to continue to reap the rewards.

When you aren’t feeling your best, your whole life suffers. If oxygen therapy sounds like something for you, call our office in Greenwich, Connecticut at 203-397-6865, or book an appointment online today.

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