Get the most out of your training sessions. This performance recovery infusion helps to maximize muscle growth, supports muscle recovery, and improves circulation and stamina. With Fuel your muscles will have everything they need to grow and be better prepared for your next workout.

Additional Information

Sterile Water
Amino Acids
Lactated Ringer
Magnesium Sulfate

Best For:

When you're in need of a recovery session, especially after any strenuous athletic or mentally grueling activity. Whether your recovery is required from muscle & joint pain, general body aches and pain, stress relief, or even after a busy work schedule to recharge. Maximize Recovery & Performance.

How Often:

We recommend during intense workout periods FUEL 3 times over a 7 day period for complete muscle rehabilitation.

Pair With:

Pair your FUEL IV infusion with a SLIM QUICK booster. SLIM QUICK will boost your body's metabolism, muscle and body rejuvenation experience, energy and burn stubborn fat stores.

Time to Recharge!

Feeling sluggish, sick, hungover, need a detox, tired of dull skin, diminished sex drive, or just an energy boost? We offer 12 customized drips to meet your health needs.


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Relax & Restore

A licensed registered nurse or nurse practitioner will painlessly administer your treatment within 45 minutes or less. Feel recharged and renewed immediately!

Need Help?

A licensed practitioner can help you choose from one of our various pre-formulated therapeutic infusions to optimize specific wellness needs or customize your own.

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