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Oxygen Therapy

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Sasha N. Beatty, MSN, FNP-C

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Your body takes in oxygen through every breath, but you might not be getting the levels you need to thrive. Oxygen therapy provides a solution, and is among the offerings available from Sasha Beatty, MSN, FNP-C, and the team at IVY Infusions in Greenwich, Connecticut. To see the effects of oxygen therapy for yourself, call the office or book a visit online today.

Oxygen Therapy Q&A

Why isn’t the oxygen I breathe enough?

Oxygen is necessary for life, but that doesn’t mean you get optimal levels or quality as you breathe throughout each day. Normal air contains about 21% oxygen, and there are medical conditions that prevent people from taking in enough oxygen. 

Shallow breathing can also leave you in short supply. Mask wearing, while important for disease prevention, can also make it hard to get enough oxygen. In many areas of the nation, poor air quality is another complicating factor. 

What are the benefits of oxygen therapy?

Oxygen is necessary for many of your body’s functions, and not getting the right levels can cause widespread health problems. Some of the benefits of high-quality oxygen therapy include improvements in:

  • Stress levels
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Mood
  • Athletic performance
  • Energy levels
  • Concentration

If you struggle with chronic health issues like hypertension, heart disease, COPD, or other lung conditions, oxygen therapy can do wonders for your daily quality of life. 

What happens during oxygen therapy sessions?

IVY Infusions uses the very best treatment platforms on the market to ensure safe, steady, and effective oxygen administration. 

You’ll wear a comfortable nose cannula during your treatments, which allows oxygen to flow directly into your nostrils. The oxygen concentration is 95%, which is far greater than that of normal air. 

Once you’re resting comfortably, simply relax and breathe normally. You can enhance the relaxation factor by reading or listening to your favorite music or podcast during your visit. 

When will I see the effects of oxygen therapy?

Most people report feeling the benefits of oxygen therapy right away. For some, this means a boost in energy and elimination of fatigue. Others experience a sense of deep relaxation as stress and anxiety fade away. 

The best appraisal of the benefits of oxygen therapy is the number of people who come back again and again. For many, oxygen therapy becomes part of a larger health and wellness program. 

When you’re ready to see the results of oxygen therapy for yourself, IVY Infusions is here to help. Call the office to book an appointment or schedule online today.

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