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Sasha N. Beatty, MSN, FNP-C

Medical Spa, Aesthetics & Wellness Center located in Greenwich, CT
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Meet Sasha Beatty

Sasha Beatty, MSN, FNP-C, is a trained, board-certified advanced practice registered nurse and the CEO and founder of IVY Infusions. At the aesthetics and wellness center in Greenwich, Connecticut, Sasha’s goal is to provide customized infusion therapy and cosmetic services to help clients feel their best in a variety of different ways. We are a Health and Wellness Center and we believe in preventive health treatments in order to achieve and maintain optimum wellness. We also offer aesthetics to enhance your natural beauty and to help you look good and feel confident.

Sasha’s over 10-year nursing career has afforded her the pleasure to work with many people and impact lives daily. She worked in cardiac telemetry for seven years, labor and delivery for over six years, and currently practices as a nurse practitioner in pain management. 

Her rigorous study of family practice at Pace University and years of clinical experience has led Sasha to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of various medical conditions and diseases, ranging from pain, fatigue, depression, and cardiac illness. She has worked with all age groups from pediatrics to geriatrics. Her main goal has been to return patients to their active lives.

She is a member of The American Association of Nurse Practitioners and has received several awards and recognition for her contributions to patient care.

Sasha is a well-traveled professional, with a passion for helping others, music, and spontaneous adventures. She understands the demands and challenges of a contemporary lifestyle with long required hours, frequent travel, and at times a demanding nightlife. She is grateful for the ability to bring to the public treatments that can greatly improve quality of life, recovery, and function.


Welcome to IVY Infusions. We are located in Greenwich CT. Under the direction of our medical directors, our licensed health care professionals will provide you with safe and effective care. Whether in our convenient spa-like locations or the comfort and privacy of your own home, we strive to deliver hydration therapy when you need it most.

Why Infuse?

Infusion of specific vitamins and nutrients combined with electrolyte hydration swiftly balance and replenish depleted nutrient levels, so the body can continuously perform at its peak. I.V. administration is superior to oral supplements in remedying nutritional deficiencies as it bypasses the digestive system and are quickly absorbed by the blood stream. IV therapy treats dehydration, hangovers, cold and flu symptoms, detoxification, weight loss, mental clarity and anti-aging with NAD. Our customized infusions and boosters are full of vitamins, fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants.

A Closer Look at Liquid Facelifts

If you want to restore your youthful look, a facelift is your only option, right? Actually, no. You don't need to go under the knife anymore. Keep reading to discover the significant benefits of liquid facelifts and how they boost your confidence.

What PRP Can Do for You

Regenerative medicine treatments are modern therapies that use your own cells to stimulate your body’s healing. PRP is one of the treatments that our team uses to help rejuvenate your skin. Keep reading to learn other ways PRP can help you.

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Words from our patients

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    "I shared my ailments with Sasha and she recommended the Energy infusion and booster. Less than 5 hours later I felt rejuvenated, more focused, motivated and energetic."

    Reon B.
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    "Sasha is very knowledgeable and is capable of tailoring a wide array of IV infusions to my specific needs."

    Rich M.
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    "Sasha was so kind and explained all of my options. She made me feel very comfortable and was extremely accommodating."

    Christina B.
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    "I am thoroughly impressed by the professionalism I’ve received from Sasha at Ivy Infusions. She is knowledgeable, friendly and caring."

    Reon B.
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    "I LOVE getting “ my drip” at Restore Me IV. Sasha is awesome - so professional and efficient. I always leave feeling refreshed and restored!!"

    Marybeth W.
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    "Ivy Infusions smells amazing and Sasha is very professional and knowledgeable. She explained every step of the way and her hands are truly gifted."

    Zanna C.
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    "I had such a lovely experience! They were so welcoming and provided me with the best solution to make me feel 100%. I highly recommend and will definitely be returning"

    Stephanie O.
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    "Sasha was a blessing for me and my family. She was helpful, informative and easy to work with. I was very grateful for her service and plan to go back as needed."

    Joe I.
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    "Sasha was truly amazing and professional throughout the process of getting a complex IV. She was very caring, and explained everything that she was doing beforehand."

    Kyle J.
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    "My visits to Ivy Infusions have been life changing!!! Sasha is very knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. Thank you so much!!!"

    Louise J.
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    "Sasha is wonderful. She listens to your needs and always knows exactly what to do to achieve what you want. I have Highly recommended her to all my friends!"

    Mallory W.
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    "Sasha was amazing! Professional yet personable. She made me feel very comfortable with the process and explained it’s benefits thoroughly. Highly recommended!"

    Kevin J.
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    "Sasha is the quintessential professional and her aesthetic sensibility along with her knowledge of the science of our bodies is a winning combination!"

    Joanna B.
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    "Sasha did and excellent job, she explained every step of the treatment and was very kind and professional. Recommended 100%!!! Thank you Sasha for the experience!!"

    Eileen P.
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    "Sasha went above my expectations! She has a gentle hand, she took her time and explained everything in detail ! She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable in this field."

    Desiree S.
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    "Sasha is amazing and super knowledgeable. I felt great after the infusion she personalized for my concerns. Loved it all, and for sure I’ll be back!"

    Kauana M.
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    "Lovely woman. Really helped by daughter while battling Lyme"

    Christine K.
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    "Sasha was awesome, both professionally & personnally. She clearly explained each step. Will I return to Ivy Infusions... already have it marked on my calendar."

    Ed M.
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    "Sasha was very professional. She listened to my concerns and took her time studying my face before she touched it. I’m so happy with my results."

    Tinamarie G.
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    "Sasha is very knowledgeable and profesional. I come here for my IV energy booster and while at it I get my Botox! I absolutely recommend Ivy infusions."

    Angelica B.
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    "The place was immaculate. Sasha was very knowledgeable and exuded enormous confidence. Very satisfied; I had the Myers cocktail IV and feel great. Highly recommend!"

    Ceci F.


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