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Welcome to IVY Infusions. We are located inside of Mason Street Strength in Greenwich CT. Under the direction of our medical directors, our licensed health care professionals will provide you with safe and effective care. Whether in our convenient spa-like locations or the comfort and privacy of your own home, we strive to deliver hydration therapy when you need it most.

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Mega Recovery

The ultimate recovery drip as well as a quick energy boost. Target nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, irritability, light and sound sensitivity and fatigue. This vital blend of nutrients will get you back on track...

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Supports dehydration, light hangover symptoms, nausea, muscle and joint pain. Your body will be restored back to a healthier and happier state within minutes. Perfect for a complete body rehydration.

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Libido is both for men and women. Enhance your intimate moments, sexual endurance, improve energy, promote muscle metabolism and increased blood flow to promote healthy sexual performance. Reignite or intensify...

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If you’re fighting a cold, feeling tired or weak, focus on the healing benefits of Cure loaded with Megadose Vitamin C. Boost your immune system and ability to fight off viruses and infection.

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Rev up your endurance and prepare your body for the ultimate performance before any physically demanding or depleting activity. This drip is also useful for busy professionals with grueling schedules.

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Escape the tension of your work/life schedule and enjoy the Zen like benefits of this infusion. CALM combats fatigue, controls anxiety levels and recharges your internal battery with improved sleep and a sense of tranquility.

Qualified Registered Nurses

We Are A Team Of Industry Experts

Our goal is to provide customized IV infusions to help clients feel their best in a variety of different ways. From basic health maintenance to hangovers, our customized drips get you to your healthiest you.

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This infusion quickly replenishes important nutrients to boost your body’s energy production. The perfect pick me up if you’re feeling sluggish and slow. This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed with a natural energy beaming from within.

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Feel purified through the amazing detoxifying power of Glutathione, Selenium and Vitamin C. Eliminate the exposure of harmful pollutants, chemicals, and heavy metals. Restore your body back into balance by adding CLEANSE...

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A secret weapon in your monthly beauty regimen. This infusion will help you achieve radiant hair, improve skin texture and tone and strengthen nails. Glutathione is known as the body’s...

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Mini Boost

Depleted? Restore Mini Boost aids to fight exhaustion, jet lag, and post vacation recovery. Feel unstoppable tackling daily activities. Revive your cells and get back your body back to optimal functioning.

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Weight Loss

The supreme weight loss and fat burning enhancement to your diet. Jump start your weight loss with this fat busting and fat blocking cocktail. In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, use SLIM...

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Get the most out of your training sessions. This performance recovery infusion helps to maximize muscle growth, supports muscle recovery, and improves circulation and stamina. With Fuel...

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Ivy Infusions Recovery

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Anti-Aging with NAD

Mega Recovery






IV infusions prodvide 100% vitamin absorption.

Refuel your body with exactly what it needs and has been lacking. 

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67 Mason St Greenwich, CT, 06830

(203) 258-4582



Time to Recharge!

Feeling sluggish, sick, hungover, need a detox, tired of dull skin, diminished sex drive, or just an energy boost? We offer 12 customized drips to meet your health needs.


Visit our website to schedule your infusion online and then select a treatment targeted to your body’s needs.

Relax & Restore

A licensed registered nurse or nurse practitioner will painlessly administer your treatment within 45 minutes or less. Feel recharged and renewed immediately!

Need Help?

A licensed practitioner can help you choose from one of our various pre-formulated therapeutic infusions to optimize specific wellness needs or customize your own.

All vitamins are manufactured in the US and independently tested.